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Five Things about Content Generation.

Hello, Rob DeRobertis here with a new installment for the Technology Marketing Center

It's been difficult coming up with a good "Five Things" subject for my update.  I guess there is time during the day job where you can get lost in the urgent and questionably important quadrant of Steven Covey’s five quadrants of effective time management.  This quadrant can suck the life out of you. In that, I am late towards writing this post.

You may not know this but Chris Halliwell is behind the scenes getting us to post something new and interesting each month.  She keeps us going.  It is because content is important to keep the "technology marketing community" engaged.  Without content, websites like these can fade away. 

So with that thought, here are Five Things in Marketing for Content Generation

1) Focus on your audience

You must create a mental picture of who it is you are writing the content for.  For these blog posts, I picture the people I've mentored and worked with in the past.  My goal is to leave some form of a legacy of knowledge with the readers.  I picture the high tech marketers just starting out and want to leave some advice.

2) Write about something interesting

Take Facebook.  90% of the content posted on Facebook is junk (okay I just made up that number so forgive me).  Hours and hours of meaningless information being mixed with a few wonderful tidbits.  If you are going to write something, write something meaningful.  Be thought provoking, be creative and be entertaining.

3) Don't be a bore

So you go to the party and you meet this guy.  Let's call him Josh.  People avoid Josh.  Why? Because all he will talk about is his new car, his new cell phone, how great he is...

Now let's take this to product marketing.  You are launching a new product.  Don't get stuck writing only about the product.  Write about customers.  Write about solutions.  Write about the industry.  Just don't be like Josh.

4) Engage multiple perspectives

I think this is the brilliance that Chris has brought into the Leader's Blog.  There are some great writer on this blog.  They all have some insight in a nicely diverse array of technology marketing issues.  I read these posts here and wonder if my posts are too superficial.  The collaboration and sharing of ideas is what makes this blog interesting.  Success is delivered through this diversification of knowledge.

5) Stay consistent

Keep developing content.  Build a wealth of information.  The wider and deeper the content is created, the more useful you are to your audience.  The more useful you are to your audience the more they engage and engagement is the first step to delivering value to your audience.


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