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A milestone - 6 years of posts

Geoff Anderson back for a brief post. Not really marketing related, but more of an "aha" moment.

One of my fellow product managment peers was going to do some blogging about strategic planning, and I wanted to refer her to some of the work that I have done here. Give her a leg up, so to speak, and I searched for my old posts to give her links to.

I realized that I have been posting regularly here on the Technology Marketing Center for 6 years now. That is an astounding fact, rapidly approaching the longest stop of my career to date.

In that time, I have posted 42 times, about a variety of marketing related topics from analysis, competition, pricing, strategy and many more. 

Honestly, I didn't think way back in Summer 2007 that this would be something so big, and such a profound part of my life, but it has, and I am thankful to Chris Halliwell for the opportunity, as well as all the regular bloggers who have been part of the gang. It has been a lot of fun, and educational as well.

I do have a product managment blog where I post on the life and times of being in "product" at a tech company, but here I have kept it focused and on message, all about marketing.

I hope that you have enjoyed my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them, and participating in this community, and I look forward to the new posts to come.

Happy marketeering!



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