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Judith Uttal

Judith Uttal

Judi Uttal integrates neartly 20 years of technology marketing management with 5 years running program management and product lifecycle management for VERITAS Corporation.

Judi began her career in product management for UNIX software solutions at Intel Corporation. One assignment in that role placed Judi in a key position within Intel’s classic competitive market share battle with Motorola, the corporation-wide Checkmate campaign.

Subsequently, Judi founded marketing and sales organizations for two successful startups: Locus Computing who focused on distributed software and was later purchased by Compaq; and then Corollary Corporation who focused on multiprocessor PCs and was acquired by Intel. Putting her strong technical and quantitative skills to use, Judi has more recently integrated strategic marketing concepts into programs for Emulex Corporation, General Automation, and VisionSolutions, including: VoC, customer-satisfaction driven competitive positioning, and influencer marketing.

Judi’s consulting experience includes working for Regis McKenna, legendary Silicon Valley marketing guru, and subsequent independent consulting and market research engagements for companies spanning instrumentation, software, and computer systems sectors. She holds a BS in Math/Computer Science from UCLA and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University’s Tepper School of Management. Ms. Uttal was a Hughes Aircraft and MAI fellow and a recipient of the McCulloch Oil Scholarship.