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Geoff Anderson

  • Geoff Anderson - Senior Product Manager and Marketing War Vet
    Senior Product Manager and Marketing War Veteran
    TMC Leader and strategic marketing Pro scours the news for stories of real world technology marketing challenges, commenting on how companies fare when they either heed or ignore proven principles of strategic technology marketing.

Robert (Rob) DeRobertis

  • Robert (Rob) DeRobertis - Director, Global Marketing and Communications
    Offer Marketing Manager, and B2B Marketing Guru
    TMC Leader and www.5thingsinmarketing.com blogger delivers quick reminders and helpful hints on all things strategic marketing and communications, from using social media in technical marketing to leading technology markets.

Judith Uttal

  • Judith Uttal
    Marketing Programs & Alliances Executive
    Enterprise IT market veteran looks at lessons learned in marketing initiatives over the years, applying hard won wisdom to satisfying customers and capturing value in the era of cloud computing.

Jill VanDewoestine

  • Jill VanDewoestine - New Business Development & Strategy Manager
    Business Development Manager and Innovation Enthusiast
    New technology commercialization specialist applies her experience in supply chain enablement, competitive intelligence, and value quantification to the review of books on innovation and marketing.

TMC Emeritus Leaders

  • Eugenia Jones
    Biotechnology & Med Tech Marketing on making markets for new technology
  • Amanda Vande Brake
    Financial Services Marketing on digital marketing to the C-Suite
  • Chris Halliwell
    TMC Director on Strategic Technology Marketing concepts
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